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How to Order

To order a Flute

You can order any instrument from its listing page under MODELS on the toolbar above. Each page allows you to choose from options specific to that instrument. If an option you want is not shown, that's because it's not available for that particular model. It might be offered on another instrument--try the SEARCH page.

Before ordering a flute, you may want to check What's in the price, or our guarantee and return policy.

Sometimes we will have the instrument you want in stock and can ship it as soon as we receive payment. On other occasions there will be a delay of up to 3 months. If it's necessary to make your instrument to order, we'll require a deposit of $400 ($800 for a keyed flute or a renaissance consort), and we'll bill you for payment about 6 weeks before delivery.

Order offline

If you prefer, you can order by telephone, fax, or snail-mail.

Payment Cradit Cards

We can process your order only on receipt of a deposit or other payment, in an amount specified on the order form you submit. We accept any kind of payment as long as it is in U.S. dollars: by bank check or draft, International Money Order, direct bank transfer, or credit card. Credit card information should not be sent by e-mail: use our secure server by clicking the links on this page, or use snail-mail, fax, or phone. If you are concerned about credit card fraud, read our security statement.

Non-U.S. Orders: Payment by credit card is the easiest option for our overseas customers. We cannot accept personal checks in non-U.S. funds, Giro checks, Eurocheques, or cash. Import duties are paid, by you, directly to your government.

Shipping and Insurance

Delivery is by UPS within North America, and by UPS International Express overseas. We include a shipping and insurance charge in your final bill, and provide guidelines and customs papers for packing and returning the instrument for its free check-up after six months.

To order printed materials

Books and other materials formerly in our Infoshop have moved to a more extensive site at TRAVERSO subscriptions and back issues are available at

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