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Tromlitz Hotteterre Quantz Flute models


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Folkers & Powell make professional-quality baroque flutes and other historical transverse flutes closely modeled on excellent original designs from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries.

We believe that music, instruments, and playing styles are all interconnected, so that music has the best effect when realized with sympathy, using instruments and performance conventions current when it was created.

For this reason we make every effort to capture the unique qualities of tone and intonation in the original instruments we copy. Since our partnership began in 1984 our flutes have earned a worldwide reputation for uncompromising accuracy and faithfulness of spirit. Our customers range all the way from beginners on the baroque flute to the world's leading exponents.

Research on contemporary music and playing styles also plays a large part in our work. We have built a separate educational site at to give information on historical matters not directly related to the flutes we make.

If you are new to the world of historical flutes, begin at our start page. If you would like help staying in touch with the latest ideas and research, we suggest you subscribe to the quarterly newsletter TRAVERSO.

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